I recently saw a commercial for a new car.  It was a family ride and the ad depicted parents and children doing normal family things.  One scene showed them driving down the road headed for school.  I noticed that at the bottom of the picture there were words that said "Professional driver.  Closed course.  Do not attempt."

  Now I've seen this same caption on ads showing drivers racing down the road at high speed making harrowing curves and spectacular jumps.  But a simple drive down the road to school?  Come on.

  Now I'm not stupid.  I know that in our sue happy culture, the auto company was playing it safe.  They were covering their hind ends against possible lawsuits.  They were being cautious.  But in my opinion, they were being a little too cautious.

  I think a lot of Christians are like that.  We have the greatest thing a person could hope to have--a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Knowing Him and living according to the Bible bring about the highest level of joy ever known to mankind.

  We know we should share it with others, especially our relatives and friends.  But because many people have become antagonistic toward the gospel message, we sometimes proceed with caution lest we offend someone.  I think we are sometimes too cautious.

  Now we all know of someone who figuratively beats people over the head with the Bible trying to shove Christianity down their throats.  Jesus did not do this and neither should we.  However, we all too often go to the other extreme and just don't say anything at all.  In the end, neither of these approaches helps anyone.

  There are times we need to tread lightly with the good news.  But to never share with the people we love the greatest thing that we know is not being helpful.  It is being a little too cautious.