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Keeping Life in Perspective

Posted by Terry Reed on Sunday, November 27, 2011,

Holding my newborn granddaughter in my arms this past week gave me pause to think about all that is right with the world.  At the same time knowing that her cousin, only a few months old himself, was in a hospital in another city to have major tests run reminded me that many of the things we think are big are actually very small.

Alli is so sweet.  She has features of both of her parents.  Looking at her sleeping peacefully in Papaw's arms, you know that God still smiles on this world.  There ...

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Of Making Many Books...

Posted by Terry Reed on Saturday, November 5, 2011,

Of making of many books there is no end.  Thus says Soloman in Ecclesiastes 12:12.  So who am I to end the cycle?  I just sent the proposal for my new bookSurviving and Thriving in the Small Church to a potential publisher today.  It is an uplifting work designed to encourage small church leaders.

You see, so many of the books on the market today deal with things going on in big churches.  While it is inspiring to read how God blesses these mega congregations, it is hard sometimes to relate th...

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