In my last post I made some comparisons to the marketing strategy of Mountain Dew and the church sharing the gospel.  The main thing to remember from that article is that the soft drink maker changed their marketing but kept their product the same (although someone pointed out that the formula was changed in 1960, but that was long before the time period I dealt with).  In the same way some churches may need to update the methods they use to reach a lost and dying world with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, but the message must never be compromised.

  And that brings us to this post.  What can the church learn from Coke.  The answer lies with the corporations plan to update its product to increase sales.  In 1985 new Coke was launched.  Taste tests had been performed indicating that people preferred the new formula, so the company went forward.

  The company was not prepared for the response.  Rather than embracing the new Coke, people became enraged that they had messed with the formula.  No amount of reasoning that taste tests showed the new formula to be preferred could turn the tide of outrage.  Despite spending a great deal of money on marketing, Coca-Cola eventually had to return to the old formula.

  In the same way, some churches have tried to "modernize" the gospel.  They have changed the core message of the gospel to something not found in the Bible.  They do so in an attempt to reach more people.  After all, studies have shown that more folks like the watered down version of the message of the church so they think this is the way to go.

  But just like Coke's strategy failed, so will the church if they change the message of Jesus Christ.  It is one thing to change HOW you show your message (Mt. Dew and their adjustments) it is another thing to change the very nature of the message (Coke).  The gospel is set in stone--it cannot be changed.  Those who try to do so run the risk of becoming less than a biblical church.  They may have a growing congregation, but they will not be building true Christians.  Only the true gospel can do that.

  Keep your message pure.  Keep your message simple.  If you need to try a different "package" be sure it does not change the content.  The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus to save the world from sin is still the one and only truth can bring people to God and build a church.