As many of you know our church has moved to our new building recently. For several years we met in a one room facility. Now we have space for other things than just worship, notably for our children.

This blessing brings with it a dilemma…workers to take care of the kids. One night we had several kids show up with no supervision. Who would have a class for them? Would it be the lady who already tended to them on Sunday morning or the one who runs a daycare and works with children ten hours a day five days a week and looks forward to her adult class at church? Those were the only real options.

Either way we were either going to have to put someone on the spot or not minister to the kids. Our Sunday school teacher did the job but it left me wondering: Is it right to “force” people into duty?

Now I know the dear lady who stepped up would say she wasn’t forced…she did it for the Lord and I know that’s true. Still I can think of many times someone has taken on a job because if they didn’t it would go undone. Like the man who taught a Wednesday night class for boys at one church…he didn’t feel led to do it but couldn’t just let the kids go unreached. So he took it on for several years until someone came along who said they felt led to do it.

At one time I would’ve said if no one is impressed of God to take it then it should be left alone until someone does. Problem is that doesn’t always work. You can’t just ignore folks who need ministry now. So what do you do?

I am throwing this question out for my readers. What say you?