Holding my newborn granddaughter in my arms this past week gave me pause to think about all that is right with the world.  At the same time knowing that her cousin, only a few months old himself, was in a hospital in another city to have major tests run reminded me that many of the things we think are big are actually very small.

Alli is so sweet.  She has features of both of her parents.  Looking at her sleeping peacefully in Papaw's arms, you know that God still smiles on this world.  There are so many distressing things going on in the world--wars, famine, unemployment, violence, and on and on.  Yet gazing into the face of this sweet angel from heaven, one cannot help but feel a sense of relief and confidence in the power of the Almighty to make all things right.

Eli, my niece's son is a real character.  He cries a lot at times which has caused his mom a little distress, but he is at a happy phase of babyhood--gooing, laughing, and making the most of his world.  The very idea that he was hooked up to machines and being poked and prodded served as a reminder that we put too much stock in things that don't matter.  So you've had a bad week at work--big deal!  So your car is giving you fits--so what?  These and similar troubles pale to oblivion when faced with a health problem with a child.

I am happy to say that Eli is back home and the doctors say they can't find anything wrong--praise the Lord!  And I also am glad to say that when I got home from work this evening, Alli was in town and got to spend some time with Papaw!  I have problems in my life, as do you.  But we need to keep these things in perspective.  Don't allow something that is actually small turn into something big and rob you of your joy in Jesus.