Of making of many books there is no end.  Thus says Soloman in Ecclesiastes 12:12.  So who am I to end the cycle?  I just sent the proposal for my new bookSurviving and Thriving in the Small Church to a potential publisher today.  It is an uplifting work designed to encourage small church leaders.

You see, so many of the books on the market today deal with things going on in big churches.  While it is inspiring to read how God blesses these mega congregations, it is hard sometimes to relate that to a body of less than 100 members.  

There are many people that think small churches are in some way inferior to larger ones.  They don't have a lot of resources, the music is not professional, the pastor often has to work at another job to make ends meet, and other such reasons are floated out as proof of the inferiority of small churches.  There's just one problem with all of the arguments.  Most of the churches in the world are small.  Large congregations make up only about 10 percent of all churches.  So if most of the churches are small, that must mean more people prefer it that way.

Thus my new book.  As I have stated before on this blog, the small church is not a little version of the bigger groups.  It is a unique entity.  That means you can't take what's working at the megas and scale it down to meet your needs.  The small church has needs that are all their own.  And leaders need resources to help them in these special ways.

So here's hoping that Surviving and Thriving in the Small Church makes it to print.  And if it doesn't, rest assured it's contents will be shared on this blog and any other place I can get the message out.