I don't know what made me think about it.  For some reason I started googling some odd terms.  Christian nude, Christian porn, Christian swingers...these all had websites promoting their causes.

Really?  I mean come on, how in the world are you going to justify such rubbish as being authentic expressions of the teachings of Jesus.  The answer is of course that you can't.  These, and other so called Christian terms have nothing to do with the Bible or the author thereof.

But these sites say a lot about the state of Christianity in the world today, especially in America.  The appetites of man often take precedence over the word of God.  Jesus warned about such in the book of Revelation and said that He would throw such into a sick bed and eventually bring death upon them.

Yet the depravity marches on.  But there is an answer.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is far more powerful than the forces of evil.  It is a matter of getting the good news out once again that Jesus saves, that He can take a messed up life and turn it around.  Paul Harvey used to report some bad thing in the news and follow it up with something good with the statement "wash your ears out with this."

We need to help Christianity to wash itself out too.  And the vehicle to make it happen is the good old gospel of Jesus.