Small Churches are Unique

  Small churches are unique institutions.  They are not mini versions of big congregations.  They are a special breed of their own.  This is why many churches fail to grow when trying to put into practice the latest program used in the mega churches.  Those plans are wonderful and work in the right environment.  But all too often trying to put them to use in the small church meets with dismal results.

  Small churches have their own identity.  They have a different form of government.  They have a different way of reaching out.  They have different problems.  Just about everything in the small congregations is different from the large ones.

  They do have some things in common.  Of course, they preach the same gospel.  They believe the same Bible.  They put their trust in the same Lord.  Doctrinally, they have the same beliefs.

  But do not make the mistake of trying to put a square peg in a round hole.  Don’t try to make the small church behave the same as a large one.  You will only meet with frustration.  Instead, embrace the beauty of the small congregation God has allowed you to be a part of and labor within the framework of that unique institution, the small church