I heard from our builder the other day.  He said the plan we had drawn up for our new church would cost us $258,000.  It took me by surprise...I had rejected an earlier plan for a larger building that came in around the same price.  Knowing our small church could not afford it, I scaled down the size of the building from 8,000 sq ft to 6,400.  The price did not really change.

I have come to realize the reason is not in the size, but the content.  Both designs had a sanctuary, fellowship hall, and several classrooms.  More class space than we currently need, but enough for us to grow into without the burden of additional building.

But the drywall work, the doors, the windows, etc. don't really change just because I eliminated some floor space, thus the same basic price.  The only way to get the cost down is to give up some of the rooms I feel we need.

It is not likely the people we minister to will be able to help.  Our church is intentionally reaching out to the folks that other churches don't.  We are reaching drunks, drug users, people with criminal records, people in mixed marriages, gays and lesbians...basically anyone traditional churches are overlooking.  Note I did not say these folks aren't welcome in other churches.  I am just saying we are reaching out the these folks on purpose and I don't think most regular congregations are doing that.  These folks often don't have much money so another way must be found.

I believe with all my heart that God wants us to have a place to meet.  I believe He is going to provide the need.  I recently heard about another ministry in a large city that needed $5 million and God provided.  Since He did that for them, I know He is doing it for us.  Thank you Lord for Your provision for our church!  Amen!