This is not a post about all of the different online tools available out there.  It would take an entire series of articles to cover them all.  Rather I want to encourage you to search around and find resources that can make your church experience better.

   There is a wealth of information at your fingertips.  Just Google a term and you are likely to get thousands of responses.  I recently searched the term "small church" and was surprised to see my website on the first page.  Of course there are many other sites as well and many offer great encouragement.

  Having trouble with a sermon illustration?  The entire world wide web waits to help you.  Can't find the address to a verse for your lesson?  There are Bible sites that can find it for you with just a word or two.

   Some sites offer coaching for pastors and other leaders.  Some are forums for discussion of theological topics.  There are even chat rooms where you can visit with other small church leaders on important topics.

   Some sites are purely informational.  You can go to these pages and read and read and read on just about anything you can think of to help you with the tough questions.

   Do you have to take advantage of these resources?  No.  But that's like a man being shot at refusing to put on a bullet proof vest that someone tossed him.  He might survive without it, but why try?