To reach people they have to hear and they cannot hear without a preacher.  So if we want our churches to be effective in touching a lost world for Jesus, what is the most effective kind of preaching?

  A deacon friend of mine told me he received a call from a member of another church.  The person was inquiring about a preacher my friend knew and was a candidate for pastor at the caller’s church.  One of the main questions asked was: “Is he a preacher preacher or a teacher preacher?”  The caller went on to explain that the church was only interested in a preacher preacher.

  Now for those of you who may be scratching your heads let me explain the difference.  A preacher preacher is one who stands up and “let’s the people have it” with the sermon.  They are often of the hell fire and brimstone nature.  Many prefer topical preaching over expository, although that is a generalization.  They usually get loud and are rather animated in style.  You leave with the feeling you have been to an old fashioned revival meeting after they have preached and indeed many of these men are used in the revival ministry.  Jack Hyles would be a good example of this style of preacher.

  Teacher preachers on the other hand tend to be more expository in their approach.  They are not usually as loud and boistrous as the former group and they like to lay out Bible principles they hope will change their hearer’s lives as they go deeper and deeper into the word.  Charles Stanley would be a good example for this group.

  Now back to the question—which style is more effective?  Which one will make a greater impact?  I once heard a man preaching at a meeting of minister’s who said that we need to get some real preacher preachers in our pulpits and that all of these new teacher preachers were killing our churches.  Would you agree?

  Well, consider this.  D. L. Moody was not trained in theology.  He was a simple man who was called of God and whom the Holy Spirit used in a mighty way to build a great church and lead thousands to faith in Jesus Christ.  He is still quoted today well over a century past his time.  He was a preacher preacher who was greatly used by God.

  But who did Moody choose as his successor?  It was R. A. Torrey.  Torrey was a man of great intellect and learning.  His preaching style was completely different from Moody’s.  But Torrey was also filled with the Holy Spirit and was also greatly used of God.

  So what kind of preaching is most effective?  Holy Spirit annointed preaching!  I would rather hear two words from the mouth of an annointed man than a thousand from a better speaker who is not used by God.

  If your church is considering this issue—go with God every time.