Something a little light for the holiday.

I love to watch old reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. The goings on in small town Mayberry keep me amused no matter how many times I may have seen an episode. The characters represent a cross section of Americana. Which one are you?

1. Andy. Andy is the star of the show—everything revolves around him. When something goes wrong the folks in the community look to him for answers. He often has good insight into a situation and is able to help everyone resolve it in a way that is works for all. He makes mistakes and doesn’t mind admitting it. He sometimes gets irritated and doesn’t know what to do, but in the end he usually makes the right decision.

2. Barney. Barney is full of energy. He takes his job seriously—sometimes too seriously. His impulsivness sometimes lands him in trouble. He reads a lot about ways to improve his job and tries at times to make what works in a big police station fit his small office. He is bad to speak before he understands the big picture, but he always means well. He has a big heart and with some loving guidance can usually be shown the best way to handle a problem.

3. Aunt Bea. Aunt Bea is the queen of hospitality. If someone is sick or in need she will be the one cooking a meal or whatever may help the physical situation. She would be the person bringing blankets to a family in a disaster while others would be saying “I’ll pray for you." She often has insight and advice for the Andys of this world. Though comfortable in a behind the scenes role, she is more than capable of being in charge.

4. Gomer. Gomer Pyle works at the local gas station. Back in those days these establishments all had mechanics on duty and Gomer had that job. Gomer was socially awkward except when he was in his element. Talk to him while pumping gas or working on an engine and he could go on all day. He was fine at the barber shop and at the court house. But take him on a date and he can't think of much to say. He is very good at what he does--recognized for his mechanical skills. He has a talent (singing) that many are not even aware of that if he would use more could be a blessing to others. 

5. Helen. Helen Crump is the local school teacher. She's educated and bright and has a passion for her calling. She angers too easily and is guilty of using her ire to get what she wants. Even though she usually gets her point across and all ends well, she probably could have gotten the same results and caused less stress for herself and everyone else with a calmer approach.

All of these characters have strengths and weaknesses. The key to effective leadership is to build on your strong points and always be aware of the negative. Now how's that for a deep post?