As I sit here on my day off listening to the rain fall I know that as the temperature drops we will soon have ice.  It’s the time of the year I would like to be out in the yard working on spring time projects, but those will have to wait until another day.

This is winter’s last gasp…one more time to close down churches, schools, ball games, and other activities.  One more time to get the propane tank filled to avoid being caught in the cold.  One more time to make jokes about people running to Walmart and buying all the bread and milk like we all will be snowed in for a week.

Ah but then come spring.  The daffodils stubbornly pushing their way up through the frozen ground brings the promise that the season is upon us.  Spring is symbolic of new life in Jesus as the world we know as cold and dead becomes warm and alive.  Dead to sin, but alive to God through Jesus Christ is vividly painted by the brushes of spring.

But winter still gets its last gasp.  Sin often rears its ugly head as we are about to accomplish something good for Christ, Satan tries to get in one last blow—one more jab before he goes down for the count.

As you see things moving forward in your small church, don’t be surprised if something unexpected goes wrong near the end.  It’s only winter’s last gasp and will soon be replace by the sweet song of spring.